Apertium Malayalam-english Pair Tools Usage and Directory Structure

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Apertium malayalam english pair contain two directories

  1. apertium-mal -> conatins malayalam specific rules and resources
  2. apertium-mal-eng ->contains translation rules
  • Apertium-mal
  1. apertium-mal.mal.lexc -> contain mono lingual dictionary in lexec format , it is contain morphotactics rules
  2. apertium-mal.mal.twol -> contain morphophonology rules (changes when morphemes are joined together)
  3. apertium-mal.mal.tsx ->tag set to train the tagger
  4. apertium-mal.mal.rlx -> constarint grammar rules
  • Apertium-mal-eng
  1. apertium-mal-eng.eng.dix -> mono lingual dictionary for english in lttoolbox format
  2. apertium-mal-eng.post-eng.dix -> English post generator
  3. apertium-mal-eng.eng-mal.t1x – > english to malayalam chunker
  4. apertium-mal-eng.eng-mal.t2x -> english to malayalam interchunk
  5. apertium-mal-eng.eng-mal.t3x ->english to malayalam post chunk


cd apertium-mal-eng
echo “മലയാളം വാക്യം ” | apertium -d . mal-eng


-d . -> directory=current directory

mal-eng -> malayalam english mode

Morphological analyser

echo “മലയാളം “| lt-proc mal-eng.automorf.bin

GUI for translator


Step by step process view (Developer ->Modes viewer)

Modes viewer